Yes, You Can Lift and Enhance Your Butt

Yes, You Can Lift and Enhance Your Butt

You admire those women who can leave a room or walk down a sidewalk with all eyes on their shapely and perky hind ends. You do what you can to achieve an admirable posterior, but your efforts don’t seem to make a difference.

Before you give up hope, we want you to know that there is a great solution. At McHugh Plastic Surgery, Dr. Thomas McHugh offers the innovative Brazilian butt lift procedure, which is an exciting technique for lifting, rounding, and enhancing your rear.

Here’s a look at how a Brazilian butt lift can help you leave a parting statement.

Behind this two-for-one procedure

The name — Brazilian butt lift — doesn’t come from the bikini-clad women on the beaches of Brazil, but rather from a Brazilian plastic surgeon named Dr. Ivo Pitanguy who first pioneered the procedure in the 1960s.

With a Brazilian butt lift, we take fat from somewhere you don’t want it and transfer it to where you do — in your backside. 

Reconfiguring your fat

Using liposuction, Dr. McHugh accomplishes the first step of a Brazilian butt lift by removing fat from an area where you have some in excess, such as your:

Once he removes the fat, Dr. McHugh purifies and prepares it for transfer into your hind end. At this point, he injects the fat into strategic areas around your buttocks to achieve your desired result.

Using your own resources 

Not only can we remove fat from areas where you don’t want it, but the fact that the fat is analogous (it comes from your own body), means the cells are readily accepted and reintegrated into the new location.

This means we don’t have to introduce a foreign material, such as an implant, to achieve an enhanced hind end.

After your Brazilian butt lift

During the two weeks after your procedure, you’ll have to take care not to interfere with the newly introduced fat, which means sleeping on your side and using a cushion when you sit.

Over the course of the next few months after your Brazilian butt lift, the transferred fat will integrate into your buttocks and the new shape will gradually emerge. Most of our patients report optimal results at about 4-6 months after the procedure, though results can vary.

It’s also important during this time that you monitor your weight and keep it stable as gaining or losing pounds can affect your results.

If you want to explore how a Brazilian butt lift can get you to your goals, please contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to learn more.

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