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Why a Facelift Still Delivers the Most Dramatic Results

Why a Facelift Still Delivers the Most Dramatic Results

Laser therapiescosmetic injectables, specialized creams, face yoga — these are all great ways to combat the signs of aging in your face, and we offer many of these services here at McHugh Plastic Surgery.

If it’s truly dramatic results you’re looking for, however, a facelift is still your bet. 

At our practice, Dr. Thomas McHugh offers several different types of facial surgery, from full facelifts to more minor brow lifts. Whatever the signs of aging that you want to tackle around your face and neck, we can address them through plastic surgery.

Here’s a look at why the facelift still reigns supreme when it comes to dialing back the years.

Benefits of a facelift

There are ways in which a facelift excels, which is why it sits in the top three cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States (more than 234,000 were performed in 2020 alone).

First, many anti-aging treatments work by tightening skin, whereas, with a facelift, we remove excess tissue. When Dr. McHugh performs a facelift, he pulls your skin taut and removes excess tissue, essentially eliminating years of sagging.

Another goal of some anti-aging treatments is to replenish volume in certain areas, but this volume doesn’t last. With a facelift, Dr. McHugh rearranges the fat under your skin so that you can regain long-lasting volume. To ensure that everything stays in place, Dr. McHugh may also rearrange your facial muscles.

As a plastic surgeon and facial surgery specialist, Dr. McHugh knows exactly how to work with the tissues around your face and neck so that you garner natural-looking results that will keep people guessing.

Tailoring your facelift

Another benefit is that Dr. McHugh can tailor your facelift to your needs. Do you only have sagging skin around your jowls and neck that you want to address? Dr. McHugh can perform a lower facelift and neck lift. Or, perhaps it’s drooping brows and eyelids that are aging you prematurely, in which case Dr. McHugh concentrates his efforts in these areas.

From your forehead down to the base of your neck, Dr. McHugh can work anti-aging magic in all of these areas to help you look years younger.

Long-lasting results

Since we’re removing tissue and repositioning muscles and fat during your facelift, we’re essentially taking you back 10-15 years. This means that we’re hitting the reset button on aging skin and you won’t have to think about monthly or annual anti-aging treatments for quite some time.

Of course, we urge you to take good care of your skin after your facelift, and we can recommend some helpful tips, such as sun protection and hydration.

If you want truly dramatic anti-aging results, please contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to schedule your facelift consultation.

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