What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift, or buttock augmentation, corrects cosmetic problems with your behind by using unwanted fat harvested from other areas of your body. Whether you have sagging or flat buttocks or proportion problems caused by massive weight loss, using your own fat to create shape and volume during a Brazilian butt lift provides results that look and feel natural.

In addition to a rounder behind, a Brazilian butt lift also remodels your entire silhouette by liposculpting the areas of your body where fat is harvested from. During a Brazilian butt lift, we at McHugh Plastic Surgery can turn even the boxiest shape into one that’s curvaceous by creating a smaller waist, leaner abdomen, and a perfectly rounded behind.

Dr. Thomas McHugh does the Brazilian butt lift while you’re under general anesthesia, and this cosmetic procedure involves the following steps.

1. Harvesting your fat

The first step is harvesting your fat using liposuction. Liposuction is a body-contouring technique that uses a hollow instrument inserted under your skin to suck the fat out and remodel the area. Based on your desired results and figure, Dr. McHugh might remove unwanted fat from several sites, including your:

The amount of fat needed for a Brazilian butt lift varies from person to person, but the procedure typically requires between 10-20 pounds. Not all of the fat injected into your bottom survives the procedure, so Dr. McHugh usually transfers more than you actually need.

2. Processing your harvested fat

Approximately 60% of the fat injected into your bottom during a Brazilian butt lift survives while the rest is naturally absorbed into your body and eliminated.

Liposuction removes more than fat cells during the harvesting stage, it also removes blood and fluids from your body. To increase the survival rates of your cells, a processing procedure purifies your harvested fat. This eliminates the blood and fluid from your tissue, so only healthy fat cells are used to increase volume in your behind.

3. Your butt augmentation takes place

Once he has extracted and processed your fat, Dr. McHugh transfers it to your bottom. He uses thin tubes to inject small amounts of fat cells at various depths to hundreds of spots in the area. Not only does this provide ideal aesthetics and balance, it improves the survival rate of your fat cells. If you inject large quantities of fat cells into one area, your body re-absorbs them instead of being enhanced by them.

From start to finish, a Brazilian butt lift takes two to three hours.

4. Recovery after a Brazilian butt lift

Your Brazilian butt lift isn’t over when your procedure is complete; your recovery plays a vital role in the process.

To increase the survival rates of your fat cells, don’t put pressure on your behind for extended periods of time following your procedure. For at least two weeks, you must use a pillow beneath your legs to avoid sitting on your bottom. You should also sleep on your side or stomach.

In addition to avoiding pressure on your behind, you have to wear a special compression garment for up to six weeks. This garment decreases swelling and bruising and also helps any skin loosened during your procedure contract.

For the first month of your recovery, you should avoid strenuous exercise, though low-impact activities like walking and stretching might be encouraged.

To see if you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift at McHugh Plastic Surgery, please call or use our online scheduling form.

Dr. Thomas McHugh

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