Tummy Tuck vs Sculpsure®: How to Decide Which Belly Buster Is Right for You

Tummy Tuck vs Sculpsure®: How to Decide Which Belly Buster Is Right for You

Perhaps you’re not loving the extra lumps and bumps of fat around your abdomen, or maybe you’ve lost weight and you’re left with loose skin around your belly. These two complaints are some of the more common we hear at McHigh Plastic Surgery and, luckily, we have solutions for both issues.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas McHugh excels in procedures like the tummy tuck, but we also realize that some clients don’t need to undergo surgery to achieve their goals. To that end, we’ve equipped ourselves with the noninvasive SculpSure® fat-reduction technology.

Here’s a look at both of these treatments, what they can accomplish, and which one might be best to help you achieve the belly of your dreams.

A matter of excess skin

If the hurdle that stands between you and a toned belly is loose skin, then a tummy tuck might be the best path forward. It can be terribly frustrating to lose weight (or undergo a pregnancy), and be left with flabby rolls of skin that don’t bounce back and resettle over your slimmer belly. Or, perhaps age and the natural loss of collagen have left you with sagging skin around your abdomen.

Whatever the case, a tummy tuck is a great way to achieve a slimmer, more toned profile. During this procedure, we:

It’s important to note that if you have stretch marks around your abdomen that you’d like to see disappear, we can only banish those that have formed on the tissue we remove.

Ultimately, a tummy tuck isn’t a weight-loss procedure, but it’s a fantastic way to achieve a tighter, firmer belly you’ll be proud to show off.

A matter of excess fat

If stubborn pockets of fat around your abdomen are your target, we recommend our SculpSure fat-reduction technology. 

The SculpSure approach to reshaping your belly is a great option for several reasons. First, the technology is noninvasive, as the energy passes harmlessly through your skin and heats up and destroys the fat cells below.

Second, with SculpSure, we can accomplish what dieting and exercise can’t — spot reduction. No matter how hard you may try, it’s impossible to dictate where your body loses fat. With SculpSure, we target the fat cells in your problematic areas directly and destroy up to 24% of them.

Lastly, once we destroy your fat cells with SculpSure, they don’t regenerate. However, your remaining fat cells can still expand if your diet takes a back seat, so we urge you to remain vigilant about your nutrition and exercise regimens. That said, SculpSure is a superior solution for putting the finishing touches on your efforts by reducing the unwanted lumps and bumps around your belly.

Choosing the belly buster approach that’s right for you

As you’ve just read, SculpSure and the tummy tuck are two very different approaches to creating the abdomen you want. If you’ve figured out which one is best for you or you still have questions, we urge you to contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to set up consultation.

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