The Beauty of a Brazilian Butt Lift

You stand in front of the mirror and wonder what it would be like to shift your fat around to better effect — a little less there and a little more here. This is exactly what we accomplish with our Brazilian butt lift.

At McHugh Plastic Surgery, Dr. Thomas McHugh has extensive experience with this ingenious procedure, allowing our clients to reshape their bodies in ways that better suit their cosmetic goals.

Here’s a quick look at what a Brazilian butt lift is and what happens during this procedure.

Brazilian butt lift — a rearranging of fat

As we described in the opening paragraph, a Brazilian butt lift is a technique in which Dr. McHugh extracts fat from places where you don't want it (think abdomen, thighs, and hips) and transfers it into your derrière for a rounder shape.

What happens during a Brazilian butt lift

Dr. McHugh performs the Brazilian butt lift in two stages. First, he places you under general anesthesia (local anesthesia if it’s a smaller transfer) and begins to extract fat from the previously agreed-upon areas. To do this, Dr. McHugh turns to liposuction, using a small tube that he inserts under your skin to loosen and remove the fat.

After he collects the desired amount of fat (please note that we can extract more fat than we transfer to achieve your body-shape goals), Dr. McHugh prepares the fat. When we harvest your fat, we also extract blood and fluids, which we remove from the fat before transferring it to your hind end.

We process the fat, and then Dr. McHigh injects varying amounts into your buttocks at different depths to achieve your goals. 

Dr. McHugh typically performs a Brazilian butt lift in 2-3 hours. When you’re awake, you can go home, though you should have someone drive you.

Your results after your Brazilian butt lift

When you get home, you should follow our aftercare instructions very carefully. To start, you should wear a compression garment, which helps keep swelling to a minimum and keeps the fat from moving. 

We may also outfit you with a compression garment in the area where we performed liposuction. You can count on wearing these garments for about six weeks after the procedure to ensure that everything settles properly.

For at least two weeks, you should plan on avoiding sitting for any length of time, and you should sleep on your stomach or side.

Please note that about 60% of your fat typically survives the transfer, so your results will be gradual as your body recovers and the viable fat takes hold.

If you’d like to explore how a Brazilian butt lift can reshape your body and find out whether you’re a good candidate, please contact our office in the The Woodlands, Texas, to set up a consultation.

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