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Life After a Brazilian Butt Lift

You’ve done more lunges than you can count, but still your butt lacks the definition and volume you desire. So, you’ve decided that the best road to your ideal hind end is through a Brazilian butt lift. You’re definitely not alone in this decision — in 2022 alone, plastic surgeons performed around 30,000 Brazilian butt lifts in the United States.

While our Brazilian butt lifts are highly effective in helping our patients to achieve the butts of their dreams, your recovery efforts are necessary to get the best result possible.

To paint a clearer picture, McHugh Plastic Surgery’s own Dr. Thomas McHugh outlines a few ways you can boost the results of your Brazilian butt lift during recovery.

The first few days after your Brazilian butt lift

During a Brazilian butt lift we make some small incisions to gather fat from your body that we then inject into your buttocks to lift and fill them out.

We determine ahead of time where we harvest the fat, and we can pick an advantageous area, such as your abdomen or upper arms. In doing this, we get the best of two worlds — we take fat from where you don’t want it and introduce it into areas where you want a little more shape.

Our point here is that there will be a few sore areas on your body immediately after the procedure, but the discomfort is often easily remedied with pain relievers. We recommend using over-the-counter medications as narcotics can lead to constipation, which is the last thing you want to deal with after a procedure on your hind end.

Another great way to offset any post-procedural constipation is to move around, which we do encourage the day after your Brazilian butt lift. This movement also gets healing resources flowing.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you do anything remotely strenuous, but light walking for the first few days is usually OK.

No pressure on your butt

As you might imagine, we want you to avoid any pressure on your buttocks after your Brazilian butt lift to allow time for the fat grafts to settle into place.

For at least two weeks following your procedure, we want you to avoid sitting directly on your butt, and we don’t want you to sleep on your back. To help, we suggest that you perch on a cushion under your thighs so that your butt is hanging over the end. For sleeping, we recommend sleeping on your stomach or using pillows to hold you in a slide-sleeping position.

While the first two weeks are important, we recommend that you continue these efforts for a total of eight weeks for best results. At the very least, we recommend that you avoid sitting on your butt for any long periods.

Introducing compression

Another key to a great recovery after your Brazilian butt lift is to wear a compression garment for about eight weeks after the procedure. This will help mold the fat grafts, prevent them from migrating, and encourage optimal circulation in your buttocks.

Getting back to activities

We recommend that you avoid strenuous activities like lifting (or those lunges we mentioned earlier) for at least four weeks after your Brazilian butt lift. We monitor your recovery closely, and we will give you the greenlight for getting back to your usual activities.

If you follow these recommendations, you can set your hind end up for the best results possible after your Brazilian butt lift.

If you have more questions about the recovery period after your Brazilian butt lift, please feel free to contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas.

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