I'm Not Happy With My Sagging Breasts

I'm Not Happy With My Sagging Breasts

Whether age, breastfeeding, or genetics have left you with breasts that sag, there’s a fantastic solution for giving you the well-positioned, perkier breasts you want — a breast lift.

At McHugh Plastic Surgery, Dr. Thomas McHugh specializes in breast surgeries of all kinds, from breast augmentation to breast lifts.

If you’re not happy with your breasts because of sagging, here’s how we can help.

Behind the sag

There are many reasons why breasts succumb to gravity and start to sag, starting with simple aging. Your breasts rely on supportive tissues called Cooper’s ligaments and, over time, these ligaments can stretch. At the same time, your skin loses structural support, namely collagen, and this loss is accelerated as you pass through menopause and lose estrogen.

Another reason behind breasts that sag is breastfeeding. When you’re pregnant and breastfeeding, your breasts swell with milk. After you’ve weaned your child, your breast tissue may not bounce back, leaving you with drooping breasts. This same effect can happen if you gain, and then lose, considerable weight.

Outside of aging and fluctuation in the size of your breasts, perhaps your breasts have always been prone to drooping thanks to genetics.

Whatever the cause, the good news is that we can reposition your breasts to a more youthful, pleasing profile through a breast lift.

What we can accomplish with a breast lift

The first thing to understand about a breast lift is that it’s different from an augmentation procedure, during which we increase the size of your breasts. 

With a breast lift, which is also called a mastopexy, we reposition your breasts higher on your chest, remove excess tissue, and tighten the surrounding tissue to meet your goals. This procedure is designed to eliminate the sagging in your breasts, but it won’t change the actual size of your breasts.

If you want to reduce the sagging and change the size of your breasts, we can perform a breast reduction or breast augmentation at the same time as your breast lift.

When it comes to your nipples, rest assured that we reposition these features at the same time as we reposition your breasts, and we can even reduce the size of your areolas if you’d like. 

During your breast lift, we make every effort to keep scarring to a minimum by using the outline of your areolas as well as natural creases to camouflage the incisions.

What you can expect after your breast lift

After your breast lift, your results are immediate, but you might have some swelling afterward. We also ask you to wear a support garment during your recovery to allow time for your tissues to heal and strengthen.

Your final results will occur in a few months after your breast lift, as your tissues heal and settle into their new positions.

If you’re unhappy with sagging breasts and would like to explore how a breast lift can meet your body-shape goals, contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to set up an appointment.

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