Five Reasons Why Breast Reduction Surgery Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

When women who had breast reduction surgery were surveyed, more than 95% said they were very satisfied with the results and the boost in their quality of life that they’d do it all over again. They were happy regardless of their body weight or the amount of breast tissue removed. The majority of women agree -- the top reason they were happy with breast reduction was because it immediately relieved their physical symptoms, such as back pain.

Breast reduction basics

Before you make a decision about breast reduction, we’ll talk about your goals, your expected outcomes, and whether surgery is the best choice for you. When performing breast reduction surgery, I will remove excess breast fat and skin, as well as glandular tissue, to create your desired breast size and shape. The size of the areola may be reduced, while the nipple stays attached to its blood and nerve supply, then the nipple and areola are properly repositioned on each breast.

Top five reasons women are satisfied with breast reduction

Women are more than satisfied following breast reduction surgery. My patients are grateful, happy, and excited to regain a healthy and active life. Many wonder why they didn’t consider surgery sooner rather than putting up with the pain and other issues for so long.

Women who choose breast reduction achieve five benefits:

  1. Eliminate chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain

There’s no doubt that large breasts cause chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. Pain is one of the top two reasons why women choose breast reduction and the key reason they’re so happy following surgery, because it effectively relieves their pain.

Reducing the size of your breasts may also lower your risk for back disorders. Women who have breast reduction gain better mobility and experience less stress in their lower backs during physical activity.

My patients with large breasts are familiar with the painful grooves in their shoulders caused by bra straps. This problem also places pressure on nerves in your shoulders, potentially causing tingling and numbness in your arms, hands, and fingers. These symptoms should improve following breast reduction.

  1. Return to an active lifestyle

Women with large breasts tend to avoid physical activities. The movement of large breasts during exercise is uncomfortable, if not downright painful, and their weight adds extra stress on your back and body -- enough to make activities difficult.

Large breasts restrict athletic endeavors, interfere with enjoying family time, and make it hard to deal with regular daily tasks like bending over to tie shoes. After breast reduction, women can live an active life without pain, exhaustion, breathlessness, or limited motion, which is why this is the second most common reason for breast reduction.

  1. Regain confidence and self-esteem

Many women find that large breasts take a toll on their emotional well-being and psychological health. They may be embarrassed or ashamed of their appearance and their poor body image leads to low self-esteem.

They’re often uncomfortable with unwanted attention or bothered that they’re recognized more for their breast size than for personality, accomplishments, and abilities. You can regain confidence when your breast size is reduced to be in proportion with your body.

  1. Improve posture and breathing

After breast reduction surgery, you’ll be able to stand comfortably with better posture. Carrying extra weight on your chest makes it hard to maintain good posture, especially if your core muscles are out of shape. Breast cup sizes D and above cause poor posture by altering the curvature of your spine.

Your posture may also be affected by the way you carry your body. If you’re self-conscious about your breasts, you may slouch over trying to hide them, without realizing you take that position.

Some women have a hard time breathing or they become short of breath during activities due to the weight of breasts against their chest. Poor posture only adds to the problem, as it reduces lung volume.

  1. Enjoy clothes again

When you have large breasts or your chest size is larger than the rest of your body, clothing choices are severely limited, not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to find clothes that fit properly. The ability to enjoy choosing and wearing clothes again is a wonderful benefit gained after you have a breast reduction.

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Dr. Thomas McHugh

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