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Banish the Appearance of Cellulite With Cellulaze

Banish the Appearance of Cellulite With Cellulaze

When it comes to the human body, cellulite is the great equalizer, striking men and women (mostly women) of all body shapes and sizes, despite every attempt to avoid it. Which makes cellulite an extremely frustrating condition to deal with.

Here at McHugh Plastic Surgery, we’ve helped many of our patients in the Woodlands, Texas, banish lumpy, bumpy skin with our revolutionary Cellulaze technology. This minimally invasive procedure goes beneath your skin to reduce fat and raze the peaks and valleys, leaving smooth skin in its wake.

If you want to gain the upper hand on cellulite, banishing its appearance, read on to find out more about our game-changing Cellulaze treatment.

A connection problem

The reason why some people get cellulite and others don’t isn’t a matter of body size, but an issue in the connective tissue that holds your skin in place by attaching to the muscles underneath.

If you think of these connective fibers as a rope net that holds your fat in place, it gives you a clearer picture of how cellulite develops. If this net is too tight, it pulls your skin down, allowing the fat underneath to pop through to the surface in between the ropes, which is what creates the dimpling effect.

The influencers

There are a few factors that influence whether you develop cellulite, with gender leading the charge. Cellulite shows up 90% of the time in women and 10% in men. This is because of two things: 1) Women’s connective fibers are structured differently, in a criss-cross pattern as opposed to the tighter up-and-down pattern in men, which provides more opportunity for fat to push through; and 2) Women store more fat in their abdomens, buttocks, and flanks, which are areas that are especially prone to cellulite.

While every body type, from skinny to overweight, can be affected by cellulite, if you’re carrying some extra pounds, any effort to reduce your fat leaves less opportunity for it to push through. Still, if your genetics predispose you to cellulite, even the most ardent fat reduction efforts may provide less-than-satisfying results.

The solution

Because of the stubborn nature of cellulite, there’s been little recourse -- until now. After much research, Dr. Thomas P. McHugh settled on the Cellulaze system for banishing the appearance of cellulite, because it tackles the problem from several different angles.

First, using a very small cannula, or tube, we go in and deliver laser energy below the surface of your skin that increases the thickness of your skin while also releasing the fibers that are causing the cellulite.

The laser energy liquifies your fat, and we gently press it out. The same energy also spurs a collagen response in your body. As your body produces more collagen, your skin strengthens and thickens, making it hold up better against the pressure of your fat underneath.

The big reveal

Our Cellulaze procedure is minimally invasive, which means you’re free to return home afterward. We supply you with a compression garment, which helps keep your skin in place as your body sets to work to shore up the area.

You should limit all of your activities for a day or two after your procedure, as well as avoid any strenuous activities for two weeks or so.

Over the course of the following 3-12 months, your body flushes out any destroyed or damaged tissue and rebuilds itself from the inside out. The end result? You can enjoy smoother-looking skin for years to come if you maintain your great new shape with a good diet and exercise regimen.

If you want to wave goodbye to lumpy, puckered skin, please give us a call, so we can set up a consultation. Or you can schedule an appointment using the online booking tool found on this website.

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