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5 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

For your breast reduction consultation, contact McHugh Plastic Surgery in Woodlands, Texas.

If Mother Nature was overly generous when it came to your breast size, leaving you unhappy and uncomfortable, breast reduction surgery may be just the solution you’re looking for. 

At McHugh Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified surgeon Dr. Thomas McHugh, we offer breast reduction surgery to our clients in and around The Woodlands, Texas, allowing them to shed the emotional and physical burdens of oversized breasts. There are many reasons why our clients choose breast reduction surgery, and we review five of them here to give you a better idea why this surgical procedure rose in popularity by almost 20% in 2018.

1. Bodily stress

Oversized breasts can present significant physical problems for women whose body frames simply can’t support the excess weight. Women with overly large breasts often complain of neck, back, and shoulder pain as their musculoskeletal systems struggle to support the extra weight. 

And what’s considered large breasts for one woman may not be for another. The bottom line is that oversized breasts are in relation to your unique body frame. So whether you’re struggling with size DD or Es, breast reduction surgery can relieve the pressure on your beleaguered support structure.

2. Getting active

Many of our clients long to be more active, but large breasts get in the way, quite literally. Active pursuits that involve running and jumping are particularly problematic as large breasts bounce uncomfortably, and sometimes painfully. With breast reduction surgery, we can remove these hurdles to a more active lifestyle.

3. Keeping proportion

Even when large breasts aren’t uncomfortable, they can create a disproportionate body shape that some women find unappealing. If you’d like for your breasts to be more in line with your general body shape and size, Dr. MucHugh can reduce your breasts to a size that better suits your ideal body shape, creating more congruous lines.

4. Shopping headaches

Another reason why many of our clients opt for breast reduction surgery boils down to simple convenience. Large breasts present problems fitting into the right clothes, which may be designed for your overall size, but they aren’t large enough to accommodate your large breasts. Think of button-down shirts you can’t quite close or t-shirts that bind uncomfortably around your chest, never mind finding the right bras.

If you’re continually struggling to find clothes that fit you properly, breast reduction surgery eliminates this frustration once and for all.

5. Beyond the neck and back pain

While the physical effects of large breasts are often associated with neck, back, and shoulder pain, some women with oversized breasts are plagued by rashes or skin irritation under their breasts, as well as pain related to nerve compression or irritation.

Physical pain due to large breasts is a tough problem to cope with, and it’s really only through reduction that you can find long-term relief.

If you’d like to explore whether breast reduction surgery may be right for you, for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (281) 444-3733. Or use the online scheduling tool to set up a free consultation.

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