Breast Reduction Surgery in The Woodlands, TX

Breast Reduction

Though modern Western society places a high value on large, full breasts, many women are faced with the problem of breasts that are simply too large. Big, heavy breasts are often the source of self-image and self-esteem issues for these women, especially in their younger years. Health problems may arise as well due to the constant, painful strain on the back and shoulders.

If you are tired of suffering from recurring back and shoulder pain, long to participate in physical activities and want to improve your self-image, call board certified plastic surgeon Dr. McHugh to make an appointment today.

Professional Breast Reduction Procedures by Dr. McHugh

Fortunately, Dr. McHugh offers a permanent solution to this issue in the form of breast reduction surgery. Also called a reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction aims to reduce the size of the breasts, leaving them lighter, smaller and more proportionate to the rest of the body.

Dr. McHugh first assesses each patient comprehensively in order to formulate a customized breast reduction plan that best suits her situation.

Post Procedure

After the procedure, Dr. McHugh and his experienced and compassionate staff will give you detailed instructions and limitations on physical activities, this ensures each and every patient heals quickly with little side effects and feels comfortable during her recovery period.

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Breast reduction surgery may be the answer you've been looking for.

I recently had my breasts done by Dr. McHugh and I couldn't be more pleased with this entire experience. Dr. McHugh was thorough, informative and attentive to my personal goals. The staff was friendly and accomidating. I felt completely comfortable going into this and the results speak for themselves!!

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