Breast Revisions in The Woodlands, TX

Breast Revisions

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure, and there is no reason to have revision surgery unless there is an underlying issue. The first step is to get a personalized consultation with Dr. McHugh to discuss your concerns from your previous surgery. You will need to provide records from your prior surgery, breast implant cards (which should have been provided by your doctor at the time of your surgery) and medical history, so that he can determine the best option for you.

Common reasons for Breast Revisions:

  • Implant displacement/bottoming out
  • Repeated Capsular Contracture
  • Switch from Saline to Silicone Gel
  • Increase or decrease breast size
  • Rupture or deflation of the breast implant

Dr. McHughs’ breast revisions are unique, in that he uses his artistic approach to correct implant problems. This is a skill set that takes more precision than an initial breast augmentation surgery.

Capsular Contracture Reoccurrence

Distorted and sometimes painful hard breasts are a result of Capsular Contracture, the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery. While few women develop repeated capsular contracture, it can be prevented with the use of SERI™ Surgical Scaffold. This biological product undergoes a meticulous process in order to produce a strong and sterile material that is accepted by your body, reducing common adverse reoccurrences in breast augmentation surgery

Breast revision specialist, Dr. McHugh has had much success using SERI™ as an internal bra to resist contracture and other adverse reactions. Using SERI™ will address your concerns, keeping your breast in a natural shape and position with long lasting, pleasing results.

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I recently had my breasts done by Dr. McHugh and I couldn't be more pleased with this entire experience. Dr. McHugh was thorough, informative and attentive to my personal goals. The staff was friendly and accomidating. I felt completely comfortable going into this and the results speak for themselves!!

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