Can CBD Help My Chronic Pain?

Can CBD Help My Chronic Pain?

You wake each morning, wondering whether your chronic pain is going to ruin your day, again. You’re not alone. One in five adults in the United States reports chronic pain and 7.4% of adults deal with pain that limits their lives in meaningful ways, including physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you’re tired of options that only offer temporary relief or that carry more risk than you want to face, why not explore how CBD can bring you much-needed relief.

At McHugh Plastic Surgery, Dr. Thomas McHugh has researched this all-natural approach to pain relief and chosen a CBD product line that we feel best combats chronic pain. Let’s take a closer look.

Working on your pain from within

If you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for some time now, you’ve likely tried other solutions, such as interventional therapies or medications. While these approaches to pain management offer some relief, they’re typically temporary and, worse yet, carry a fair amount of risk, which is often the case with addictive painkillers.

With our cannabidiol (CBD) products, we don’t work around your body. Instead, we tap into your existing endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a cell-signaling network that has significant influence over a wide range of areas, including:

The CBD in our products works by binding to endocannabinoid receptors throughout your body, which affects the cell signaling within your ECS. Putting this into practice, CBD can reduce the pain signaling in your body and also reduce inflammation, which often plays some role in your chronic pain.

Common conditions that CBD can treat

The most common drivers of chronic pain include:

Whatever is causing your chronic pain, whether we’ve listed it or not, the odds are very good that CBD can play a valuable role in helping you find relief.

The right CBD product

There’s no shortage of CBD products on the market and, unfortunately, they’re not all created equal. We’ve chosen Ultracell™ because of its superior bioavailability.

Many CBD products are oil-based, which can be problematic when it comes to absorption in your digestive tract. Most oils can’t breach the water barriers in your gastrointestinal system, which means you’re only getting a fraction of the CBD you need.

UltraCell products, on the other hand, are water-based and easily absorbed thanks to their 94% bioavailability rate. This means that you’re getting the full benefit of the UltraCell CBD product, which includes 400 naturally occurring compounds that promote good health.

If you’d like to explore how our UltraCell CBD product line can help relieve your chronic pain, contact our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to learn more.

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