Juvéderm Ultra Plus Fillers in The Woodlands, TX

Juvéderm Ultra Plus

JUVÉDERM Ultra and JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus are fillers made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in the body). When injected into the smile lines, the corners of the mouth, lips, marionette lines, and even under the eyes, volume is restored, creating smoother-less wrinkled skin. smooth.

While both Juvederm fillers are used to contour the face, the Juvederm Ultra Plus is specifically designed to correct deeper folds and wrinkles. The addition of lidocaine in these products has made the injections even easier and more comfortable for patients than ever before. Dr. McHugh does all of his own injections to ensure the best outcome and minimal discomfort to his patients.

JUVÉDERM Lip Enhancement Treatments

Juvederm can be injected into the lips to enhance the size and shape, for better overall symmetry. It can also help reduce the fine lines that appear around the lips due to aging and loss of elasticity.

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