Facelifts in The Woodlands, TX


As the skin of your face ages, it gradually loses elasticity, becomes thinner and stops producing collagen effectively. This results in sagging, loose skin that wrinkles more easily and fatty deposits that give the entire face an older, uneven appearance.

Dr. McHugh's Facelift Surgery

Dr. McHugh's facelift surgery aims to correct these visible signs of aging, restoring youthful vitality to the skin and tissue of the face and neck. Deep creases around the nose, eyes and mouth are eliminated and the face appears to be thinner, younger and more vibrant.

During the consultation before your facelift surgery, Dr. McHugh will discuss with you the procedure, your expectations regarding results and any medical conditions that may affect healing during your recovery. He will also happily answer any questions and help allay any concerns you may have concerning the surgery.

Expert Consultation on Facelift Procedures

Because a facelift is tailored to suit each individual uniquely, it is important that Dr. McHugh have the opportunity to evaluate your situation before making a decision about surgery. People whose skin show visible signs of aging but still retain some of its elasticity are ideal candidates. While this facial procedure is often performed individually, Dr. McHugh may suggest a forehead lift or eyelid surgery in conjunction to maximize your results.

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Upon visiting Dr. McHugh, he explained more to me than I could have imagined. It was apparent he knew what he was doing and knew it well!

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