Real Patient Testimonials for McHugh Plastic Surgery

Patient Testimonials

Here you will find testimonials from previous clients and what they thought of Dr. Thomas McHugh and his staff. We have the upmost respect for our patients privacy so some names are kept private per the patients request.


Dr. Mchugh and his staff were wonderful before and after my surgery. I could not be happier with my results!!! I also had a wonderful experience with Tops Surgical Hospital. Everyone there was friendly and made me feel relaxed before my surgery. I would recommend Dr. McHugh to anyone looking to have breast augmentation surgery. He is the best in Houston, TX.


I recently had my breasts done by Dr. McHugh and I couldn't be more pleased with this entire experience. Dr. McHugh was thorough, informative and attentive to my personal goals. The staff was friendly and accomidating. I felt completely comfortable going into this and the results speak for themselves!!


What a great physician he is. I'm a nurse at his practicing hospital, and have never heard a bad comment about him. He is very thorough, has excellent bedside manners, very meticulous in his work, and always interested in listening to his patients. I'm extremely satisfied with my results from surgery and would recommend him any day.


I have had a breast augmentation that was 17 yrs old with a lot of scar tissue. I had put off a revision for years because of the problems and pain I had the 1st time. After meeting with all the "top Dr.'s" and every Dr that each of my friends used I decided on Dr. McHugh. I am only 5 days post op but they look FANTASTIC! He was the ONLY Dr that listened to what I said and didnt want to be too big. Other Dr's wanted to put 450cc in me (5'4" 110lbs) but I am a runner and didnt want to be to big. I am SSOOOOOOO happy with my results.

Cindy A.

Awesome!! I love this office, from the time I made my appointment to walking in the staff and the Dr. He is amazing and made me feel so comfortable his bedside manner's are so great he never once made me feel overexposed, I went in for a breast lift and augmentation and was so nervous because no one has seen my breast except my husband but after leaving I called my husband to let him know that I have found the right dr! I called back and made my apt for surgery! Even though he was a little more expensive than the other's It was worth it for his experience I had my surgery 2 1/2 mths ago and love them and would do it all over again! Thank you Dr Mchugh and his wife and staff you all were great! cindy:)

Cindy L.

Dr. McHugh you have an amazing gift at making people feel beautiful and help to build our confidence. I'm so excited to have the body I once had before kids... Before I saw Dr. McHugh I went to other doctors and out of all the doctors I saw, I felt the most comfortable with Dr. McHugh. During the consulation he really took his time explaining and answering all questions. Booking surgery was very easy. I loved how they worked around my schedule!! Before surgery I met with Dr.Mchugh and he talked to my husband and I one more time before going into surgery. After surgery his office was very good as checking up on me and setting follow-ups. I must say my experience was very good and would definitely come back for more procedures!! (The surgery I had was a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction)


I did a lot of research on several dr's and went to 5 before deciding on who I would choose for my mommy make over , after reading these reviews I went in my self and noticed that all reviews that you read on line are not true, I am happy everything that dr mchugh went over with me was exactly what I had expected my out come was amazing and his wife I love she is someone that is genuine inside and out she is a busy person and still makes time to come out to say hi. If you are looking for someone that believes in Christ and treats his patients with respect, caring and listen's to what you want then choose Dr McHugh He is the BEST! I tell everyone and show them my result and also have been on their tv show and would gladly talk to any patient for them to share my experience.

Angelica P.

I'm an actual patient of Dr. McHugh and I wanted to give a review on my experince with him... First thing is Dr.McHugh is an AWESOME Doctor and this is why! During the consult, Dr. McHugh took time to explain to me about my surgery in great details, showed me where exactly where my incision would be, and also answering all my question I had. After talking with him I felt very comfortable and I knew I made the right choice. His staff is very helpful at answering any question, showing me before and after pictures, and planning my surgery. After my surgery I met with Dr.McHugh and he explain how my surgery went and he also talked to my family as well. His office checked up on me the day after surgery and helped me set up an follow up appt. The experince in his office was excellet and very happy with my results. If you must go to a plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas P. McHugh is a great choice! I would referred all my family and friends to this doctor. Check him out before making your decision.

Lisa C.

I have occasional muscle spasms just above my right eye that have given me migraines for years. I learned that botox remedies this from a previous plastic surgery center. I decided to visit Dr. McHugh's office because they had an appointment available on that same day and I needed to stop my headaches. Upon visiting Dr. McHugh, he explained more to me than I could have imagined. It was apparent he knew what he was doing and knew it well! After he finished the injections, I asked him, "So in 5 days this twitch will stop?" His reply was a lighthearted, "Not when I do it." He was absolutely right! Before I got back to the office, I started to notice the twitching had stopped. I later learned that most places that do botox injections are performed by clinicians, not doctors. Dr. McHugh doesn't let anyone perform this other than himself. I realized this after several visits to his office and being informed of this by his wonderful staff. Not to mention, Dr. McHugh is the most down to earth doctor I have ever dealt with. I will continue to use your services!


My name is Angie. I am 38 years old and a mother of 2 teenage daughters. One is 19 at college and the other is 16. I had wanted a breast lift for many years but I just kept putting it off because I thought the money would be better spent elsewhere. One day my husband came to me and said Angie after all you do for others don't think you think it is time you finally do something to make yourself happy for a change. It made me think and I decided to go for it but not without hours and hours of research. I finally choose Dr. Thomas McHugh. He is double board certified and he came with many great reviews from personal friends of mine. His staff is wonderful. I can't say enough about how warm and welcoming they are. You truly feel like a part of their family not just a patient. Mrs. McHugh made the consultation very at ease. She answered all my questioned and took the time to make sure I understood how the full procedure would take place. She is beautiful both inside and out!!! Dr. McHugh has a great bed side manner. Never once did I feel embarrassed or feel like I couldn't be myself.

The hospital experience was the best I have ever had. He works with the same staff and they are all just wonderful people who truly do care and want the best for you. Prior to surgery Dr. McHugh held mine and my husband's hand and said a prayer asking God to guide his hands and for the surgery to go well. Dr. McHugh is a man who is Humble and takes great pride in his work. He wants the very best for his patients. I have several questions after surgery and he always immediately called me back no matter what time it was.

I also want to mention Ashley. She is so kind. She helped me through so much. I know I asked her questions she probably hears daily but she always answered with a smile and gave me a hug as I left. Rebekah and Maria at the front desk are great too. What I am trying to say is I have no regrets with my choice of going to Dr. McHugh. I look great, I feel great and I know if anything ever where to go wrong they would take excellent care of me. I am working on my journal and I 'all be willing to share my entire experience with anyone who is interested. I just felt obligated to share my story. Thank you Dr. McHugh, Katherine, Ashley, Rebekah and Maria. From the bottom of my heart.... I Love each and everyone of you. Angie Alberti Atascocita, Texas